Creating fishnet grid Shapefile in QGIS?

Creating fishnet grid Shapefile in QGIS?

How do I create a fishnet shapefile using QGIS?

The equivalent task of "Create Fishnet" in ArcGIS.

Look at the Processing Toolbox and you may choose many algorithms without the need of a plugin

You don't need a plugin, just use a geoalgorithm from the toolbox:

Vector > Research Tools > Create Grid…

In QGIS 2.10 this is called 'Create Graticule'

Vector grid creation has been incorporated in QGIS for a long time:

Vector -> Research Tools -> Vector Grid

Note that the default grid spacing of0.0001000000units of the layer CRS is too small in most cases.

You might want to useVector -> Geometry Tools -> Densify Geometriesafterwards if you need to reproject the grid to another CRS where the lines should appear bended.

In QGIS 3.4, in the Processing toolbox, look forSAGA>>Vector general>>Create polygons graticule

In QGIS 3.16. Hannover.

  1. Install the plugin MMQGIS.

  2. Once MMQGIS shows up at the upper toolbar, select:

    MMQGIS >> Create >> Create Grid Layer

  3. When the window shows up, remember to select the Geometry type "Rectangle" and that the layer units are in meters with the appropriate projected CRS (for further information on this issue read this answer). This is an example:

Watch the video: Create Grid or Fishnet Using QGIS